Pressbrake Installation


The Abbey Group has invested in the installation of a 3rd Pressbrake.

Built on the solid foundation of the HFE series, Amada’s new HFE M2 press brake models include additional production – enhancing features and an innovative touch-screen AB PAD interface.  Overall design improvements result in an eco-friendly series that provide maximum performance and ease of use.  Equipped with an energy saving drive — the inverter on the HFE M2 series reflects Amada’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection. The new drive system uses a frequency inverter that controls the motor pump and ensures efficiency by operating only when necessary. The system continually monitors and self-regulates bending requirements — this translates to using 20% less energy, a significant reduction in maintenance requirements, less oil consumption, lower noise levels, and an increase in reliability



Construction project – Manchester

Project Title: -Manchester Construction

Completed: June 2013 12 week duration – Completed ahead of schedule

Value:  £150,000

  Responsibilities:  Design & Build second floor office department

The aim was to extend the extisting building up to a first floor, to provide further space for new offices. The light weight metal frame structure was raised above the existing occupied office building.  Full electricals and data were installed followed by design and decoration of each room.  Shower and toilet facilities were addded at a late request.  Finally a new steel staircase was fabricated and erected to the outer building.  See gallery for more images.