New MRP System


The Abbey Group have invested £50,000 into a new MRP system.

Proven British Software – Aventa is business-process software that’s designed for engineers by engineers. Redthorn do not make it for any other industry. Sub-contractors get software that’s undiluted and specific to their requirements.  Aventa has a built-in standard library of links to OEMs.  These standard EDI’s drastically reduce manual data input and remove any element of incorrect input of critical information.  Companies previously entering customer order schedules over a number of days can now load them in minutes.

Aventa is written and developed in Oracle – Oracle is an industry standard, leading edge application development tool. By harnessing the power of Oracle, Aventa is able to offer standard EDI links to manufacturers.  Aventa is everything the industry has been looking for to increase margins, save time and increase profits. Redthorn customers, who supply to industries such as aerospace, automotive, excavation, rail and electrical divisions, depend on Aventa for managing both the internal business process and the logistics of the supply chain.  Redthorn products are designed around the powerful and secure database, Oracle – which offers speed, reliability, security and a user-friendly environment.

Real Time Data Capture – Through real-time data capture the Aventa scheduling software is automatically updated to enable closer control of the manufacturing environment. Using data capture and touch screen technology Aventa users are able to process payroll, manage shift patterns and monitor employee efficiency.  Shopfloor data capture also enables realtime cost analysis of machine and labour utilisation.  Aventa data capture allows the user to record rejects at the point of error and automatiically notifies the relevant personnel and creating the neccessary documentation.  Data capture can be used for single or multiple time allocation against individual jobs and can also allow single time bookings against multiple jobs.  By using data capture the company can monitor, track and cost not only productivity but lost time, machine breakdown, infact any non-productive time booking.





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